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How Should Women Dress When Visiting Morocco?

In Morocco, a mid length skirt, jeans and t-shirt is fine. There are lots of tourists in Morocco and the people are generally tolerant. If you don’t want to attract lots of unwanted attention stay away from small shorts, mini-skirts, and tight tank tops.

Spring Weather: High of 76 low of 52

You can check out the local weather here

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Packing for this trip was really hard. In all of your research you’ll see these super cute gals in stunning breezy effortlessly chic outfits. In longing for that flowy look, reality set in and I thought, ‘how does one travel halfway around the country in a carry on and come out looking like that.’ So here are a few tips and tricks at my efforts for the perfect Moroccan outfits.

Travel Tip: Our hotel in Fez offered a laundry service where they cleaned and pressed any item of clothing that you wanted for 30cents/ each. I just handed them my whole suitcase for that rate!

Luggage: I hate checking bags (too many horror stories) so I pack my luggage in layers.

  • a small four wheel roller bag. (TJ Maxx $60)
  • My  Lo & Sons duffle fits right on top of the handles of my suitcase. You’d be shocked at what I’ve been able to carry in it. (I packed 3 rugs and all my market trinkets on the way back from Morocco).
  • I then put my leather backpack I got in Italy inside the duffle. Inside this leather backpack I put all of my inflight overnight items, passport, phone and wallet.

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I am seriously the worst at packing in layers. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve lived in the south my whole life but I really can’t get it down. BUT in Morocco it’s so needed!

My cousin had traveled to Morocco a few months before me and shared with me the struggles she had in packing. She also told me about this awesome app called Stylebook. With this app you can catalog your clothing and create outfits. It’s super important to carry pieces that you can mix and match.

Tennis shoes were a must for our hike in the Imil Mountains and my lightweight patagonia saved me when it was freezing in the desert and on top of the mountain. Moroccos topography spans the range. We were in a valley, mountains, oasis, rock desert, sand desert, forest and beach all in 10 days.

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Tech Gadgets:

  • A multiple USB/ Adapter – this is a must! I don’t travel without it! I would come back every evening and charge my phone, ipad, GoPro, extra battery and selfie stick
  • Portable Charger – This portable charger was a life saver. It has the longest battery life I’ve ever seen.
  • Go Pro wrist band– This was so fun for camel riding, then I had both hands to hold on!


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