Morocco Cultural Things To-Do


Public Steam Baths (Hammam) in Morocco

Hammams are a place to get clean, cleaner than you’ll have ever been! The process of allowing the skin to loosen in very warm rooms followed by the use of a black soap sets free dead skin which is then removed. Using an exfoliating glove a woman (or man depending on your gender) will scrub every last corner of your body until all the dead skin has been removed.

Marrakesh Suggestion:

We didn’t end up doing a Hammam until the end of our trip in Chefchaouen 

Be Indiana Jones in a WWII sidecar

Do you want to feel like you’re in a desert movie scene? The quickest way to do that is hop on a vintage sidecar motorcycle and buzzing around Marrakech. You’ll not only get a great view of the city but some amazing pictures and a truly memorable experience!

Get an argan oil massage

Argan oil is all the rage around the world today but Moroccan women have been using it for decades – if not longer. You can get an argan oil massage many places and I highly recommend it. If you have sensitive skin you’ll be safe and your skin won’t have that oil slick feel afterwards as the argan soaks in.

I bought some to bring home and have used it once a week in the winter to help with dry skin. I was putting it in my hair to help the ends and saw a big improvement, but I later learned that as a blond I shouldn’t do that. They say that the oil will make your color brassy.

Try unique meats like camel or pigeon

Few people regularly eat camel meat; it’s worth more alive than dead, but you can find it in different locations and if you know where to ask. Pigeon is a meat traditionally used for bastilla. It’s a meat pie that has a unique blend of ingredients and should be something you try at least once!

I thought maybe this was going to be something I’d have to seek out to try but it was actually readily available and at the times I had it, no other choice. I’m the kind of person that likes to try everything once, and I can say these two are checked off the list for good!

Get a custom blend of herbal medication for what ails you

Traditional medicine is a must in Morocco. Many people will first use herbal medications before using medicine from a pharmacy. There’s a remedy for everything and by my own experimentation it often works. Stop into any herbal pharmacy and explain your symptoms – they’ll have something for you!

We got the menthol crystals and black cumin seeds that you sniff once a day. This was truly life changes for myself and Chip! I didn’t know I wasn’t breathing before! Chip is prone to sinus infections and often. Since I got back and made these for him the way the Berber medicine man taught me, he hasn’t had one.

Stay in a Riad

Every hotel we stayed in was a riad.

Go to a carpet shop

This was top of my bucket list to do. We ended up at a great rug shop and even met the women that made them. You learn a lot about the patterns and what they symbolize. I even bought a Moroccan wedding blanket in honor of my upcoming nuptials.

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