Our Flight

So since I pack in layers, my strategy is to take my leather backpack out of my duffle and put my rollerboard and duffle in the overhead bins. That way I have more room at my feet since I only have a small item and I have only the things I need for the plane ride.

Trip Tip: Make sure to keep your phone and wallet with you in your backpack, this will help you from rooting around near landing to find those items. You will need them to fill out your customs sheet. Also, these are your most valuable items, so they should never go far from you. 

Here are some packing items I never leave without.

  • Motion Sickness Bands  – I brought these and I sure am glad I did. I don’t easily get motion sickness by my Aunt does and she wore them each day in the car. Those roads are not often paved and very windy. (See Dades Valley!)

  • Charging Power Bank
  • Compression Socks
  • Warm socks – on top of my compression socks I put these on to help with cold feet on the plane. They were also a huge help in the cold of the desert.
  • Inflatable neck pillow – (bc I hate carrying it around all trip) get one that has a good eye mask with it.
  • Inflatable water bottle – I’m not big on buying water if I don’t have to, so I get my own at the airports and just fill this up. This inflatable one rolls up super small so it’s great to stick in your backpack for day trips.
  • Dry shampoo – after flying my hair is usually flat and stringy. So when I travel I splurge and make sure I always have the best dry shampoo on me in the travel size.
  • Disposable tooth brushes- Since I was previously a flight attendant I vow to never drink the water. These are great to avoid that whole process, and you don’t even have to wait in the bathroom line to use them.
  • Suitcase Lock: Several rooms we stayed in did not have locks on the doors to the hotels. We did feel safe as there was always someone on duty, however when you leave….you just don’t know what’s going on. We would take all of our valuables and lock them up in my bag in our room and put our clothes in an unlocked suitcase just in case.