Our Tour on a map



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March 10- Fly to Morocco

March 11 check in to Riad Andalla and explore Marrakesh

March 12 Explore, possible day trip?

March 13– Explore, possible day trip?

March 14check out, driving tour begins. (5 hours to Dades Village)

March 15- check out and travel to the desert (3.5 hour drive)

March 16 – camel treck back and travel to Fez (6 hour drive)

March 17- explore Fez

March 18 – check out and travel to Chefchaouen (3 hours 20 min drive)

March 19 – check out travel to Tangier, sleep in Tangier  (2.5 hour drive)

March 20- fly Tangier to Madrid

March 21- Madrid – land in USA