Technology in Cuba


You purchase an internet code with a scratch off number to enter

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  • Galileo Offline Maps

The internet hasn’t really taken off in Cuba yet, but you can still use your smartphone to get around.

Galileo Offline Maps allows you to use your phone’s GPS to show where in the world you are. You can even set Galileo to record your movements so you can see where you went!

You can also upload maps from elsewhere into Galileo (see my next point).

You need to download maps onto the app first before you get to Cuba and go offline. This is a paid app but worth every penny.

  • Cuba Junky

A brilliant blog, which tells you a lot about the country. This guy also has maps of Cuba with each Casa Particulare – a type of homestay popular with tourists in Cuba – noted on the map.

You can upload these maps onto Galileo (see my previous note) and use your GPS to navigate around. Visit Cuba Junky for details.

  • Havana Good Time

Havana Good Time is a good app­-based guide to Havana that’s fairly current and will steer you clear of all the usual over­touristy spots.

This is like Google Maps just offline.
Download the Map.Me and type in Cuba and make sure to download the map before you go! This makes you be able to zoom in where you are and find the destination you need.  We also used this while a taxi driver didn’t know the direction, so it is pretty helpful when Google Maps is not available.

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