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We will then pick those up at the boarding gate, buy in bulk from embassy in NY. call our name at the boarding gate $50 each. confirmation will be emailed.

Some things to note: bring a pen, make sure we write the date correctly (they write is backwards from us). We have to make sure this is correct bc if there are any discrepancies we will have to buy another visa at the gate for another $50 and do it over again.
FYI Visa is good for: 30 days.

Our budget

Click here for the spreadsheet of our expenses. 


  • Cuba has two currencies:
    1. CUC (Cuban convertible peso or ‘Cuban dollar’) aligned to USD which tourists must use, and
    2. CUP (Cuban national peso) worth around 1 CUC = 22 CUP.
  • Don’t bring US dollars to Cuba it is a total 13% tax and penalty to exchange that. Euro or Canadian dollars have a better rate.
  • Cash is king, cards won’t work
  • You only need CUC.

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  • Purchase Medical Insurance: Cuba requires us to purchase medical insurance. I called Delta and they let me know that was covered in the price of our ticket for $25. The Delta rep sent us all an individual itemized tickets in an email so we need to all print those to show proof that we have paid that fee.

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Print everything

  • bring a black ink pen
  • Black sharpe
  • Flight tickets,
  • accommodation,
  • transport, and
  • travel insurance paper.
  • Copies of your passport. You can keep a paper copy on your or on your phone


  •  Wifi is pretty limited
  • Read more for cool apps to download and have offline

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 Things to know

  • Be prepared to spend hours at the airport on arrival and departure.
  • Eat breakfast at the Casa Particular – it is not easy to find breakfast
  • Don’t be surprised that you need to pay a few cents to go to the toilet, even inside restaurants.

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To Take

  • toiletry bags
  • lotions
  • cotton candy
  • candy