Tuesday, March 1:


The Pink City

4 hours from Agra
Jaipur is the Paris of India full of monuments and sites to see. It is a shopper’s paradise. The city is known for its blue pottery, jewellery, textiles (bandhani) and sarees, marble work and books.

We got to Jaipur and settled in to our Airbnb

AirBnB – 2 nights 

We then went to lunch Tapri – The Tea House. It’s a roof top restaurant and so good!!

This is a good link too

There are 2 Tapri outlets in Jaipur, the one on C-Scheme has the outdoor rooftop cafe (picture above).

We literally ordered one of everything off the menu! It was so inexpensive and delish!

This building has awesome shops in it, deff worth checking out!

I went to a FabIndia which is a shop below the restaurant and got my boyfriend some great cotton shirts that are super light weight and great looking!

These are the shirts we got!
Underground liquor store…on the search for wine…

We ended up going back to the Airbnb and playing cards and drinking wine.

Tuesday, March 1:

We woke early to head up to the Amer Fort
You’ll want to go early as the elephants go in at 11am since the rest of the day gets too hot. Traffic is also bad in Jaipur, so leave early!

Amer Fort

6.8 Miles from Jaipur.
Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.20.39 PM


When leaving the fort you’ll walk down the back side. We ended up leaving the same time the elephants were so be careful, haha. We almost rounded a corner and got smushed by an elephant walking around it.


Jal Mahal

On the way back to the Pink City you pass by the Jal Mahal. Pull over and take a quick pic!

City Palace

city palace.png
 and the

 Hawa Mahal  – (Palace of Winds)


Johri Bazaar

Right in this area is where we did all of our shopping and ate lunch!
Just cruise up and down, pop in to shops and bargain!

I can’t remember where we ate lunch but it was in a little restaurant along this street. I had banana lassi every moment I could. Our drivers ate with us here and ordered the salted lassi, don’t do it….haha big mistake.

This sample platter was my favorite. At the end of each meal they have this “fresh breath” mixture that is supposed to leave you with fresh breath for the day. I hated it, but give it a whirl!

Then my shopping began! I got some beautiful table runners, bed spreads and shoes! You can get great cheap cool clothes here too!

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.54.49 AM.png