China: Itinerary Options

Beijing: 1-3 days

Great Wall of China (skipping Badaling) try Mutianyu
Forbidden City – 2 hours
Tiananmen Square
Temple of Heaven
Pearl Market
Wangfujing Street- is home to almost 300 brands of Beijing, including famous hat, shoe, and tea stores. The Night Market offers exotic street food that includes fried scorpions and unusual sea creatures

Xi’an: 3-4 days

  • bike the city wall – 1-2 hours
    Muslim Market – best time, just before dinner
    Terracotta Warriors- morning, afternoon.


Hike all day through crystal-clear lakes and rivers that reflect the bright blue sky.
Here you’ll be able to see all the way down to the bottom of each lake, and capture photographs most people could only dream of.
The next morning head to Huanglong, which is known for its colorful calcite deposit pools. These sky-blue mushroom-cloud pools make it obvious why many Chinese people call Huanglong a “fairyland”.


  • beautiful gardens and teahouses in this scenic city.
  • Leshan Buddha, the largest carved stone Buddha in the world.
  • The Panda Reserve