Eating in Morocco

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The sweet Moroccan teas are a local favorite and you can order them practically anywhere. We found that each place had their own recipe and can taste quite different.

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Smoking Shisha

Shisha, or what you might know as hookah, is a common social activity in Morocco instead of drinking. A lot of restaurants and cafes, and sometimes hotels offer them.

Travel tip: Be wary of raw veggies that you don’t have to cut open to eat. These veggies are washed in their local water which can be a quick way to get sick. Fruits are easier to eat as you usually have to break them open to eat them. 

How to not get sick

Whenever I travel I start taking probiotics two weeks before I leave. This is to ensure that there has been plenty of good bacteria in my system to handle the odd food I’m about to eat.

Why take probiotics?
Probiotics have been shown to help relieve certain forms of acute diarrhea. They have also shown to promote healthy digestion and they have been an effective tool in treating many cases of irritable bowel syndrome.

The idea behind taking probiotics as a traveler is to populate your gut with beneficial bacteria so that when your body inevitably faces the foreign bacteria of a strange land and a strange cuisine, it is prepared. It is like pre-arming your GI tract, setting up your defenses in advance so that your body can handle a bacterial attack.

I carry all of these items with me in my toiletries bag. 

  • Charcoal tablets: They’re an incredibly effective way of stopping diarrhea and preventing dysentery (Delhi Belly). It quickly absorbs the toxins or pathogens that are causing the problem and keeps you strong. Whenever I have any sign of diarrhea, I take 2-4 tablets and typically within 1 or 2 hours I am back to normal – they are literally lifesavers!
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  • Electrolytes: Electrolytes save lives on a daily basis. When someone has dysentery or diarrhea they get very dehydrated and in extreme cases this can lead to death. I’m not trying scare you but this highlights the value of having electrolytes for if you get sick. Even if you don’t get sick it is important to stay well hydrated in the hot, dry weather of India and these satchels can easily be added to your bottled water for an extra boost of hydration. Note: You can get electrolytes cheaply in India but in my experience they are low quality and taste horrible.
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  • Insect Repellent Wipes
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  • Imodium (For Diarrhea): I generally avoid taking western medicine but I make exceptions in cases of emergency. If you get a case of diarrhea/ dysentery (Delhi Belly) and you need to catch a flight
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  • Air Freshener Spray- this is great when you’re sharing a room with others. I usually take it and leave on in each hotel bathroom that way everyone can use it.
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  • Emergen-C – I take this every single morning to help pump vitamins through my system.
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