Sahara Desert

March 15

We stopped on the way to the desert to shop at a local place. Rachid told the store owner that I was getting married so within 30 seconds they dressed me in traditional wedding wear.

The camels take us to a Berber camp in the middle of the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. 20 km long and 5 to 8 km wide it is also reputed as the highest sand dunes in North Africa. It is a unique and diverse environment. The camel trek takes about 1hr 30 min from the hotel to the camp where we continue the spirit of the nomadic Berber lifestyle.




The tents are beautiful with comfortable beds, camel wool blankets, clean and nice bathrooms with running (hot!) water!

Our dinner was wonderful. We had these great veggies with what tasted like mac-n-cheese in them.

AC (Hammer) pants!

After dinner we gather round the fire and enjoy the desert night perhaps with traditional Berber drums.


March 16

Before sunrise, we woke to that we could ascend the dunes and find the sun emerge above the horizon.

waking up in the Sahara Desert…what a dream!




This is by far my favorite picture!

We leave Merzouga on route to Fez, passing through many places: Arfoud, Errachidia, Ziz Valley, Meditlt, Cedar Forests of Azrou, Ifrane and Fez.

monkeys that live in the forests.

We will stop for lunch along the way in one of the many restaurants.

End in Fez